I understand that people and communities thrive when our government is unified and operates effective social, education, health, infrastructure, and safety programs. When I was in elementary school, my mom and dad owned a small family restaurant, which suddenly had to close its doors creating a difficult financial situation for them. My parents, who were hard working and loving, began to realize that putting food on the table and keeping their home was becoming increasingly difficult without an income.

During this period, my parents had to turn to food stamps for a short time while I received reduced lunch at schools. Through this aid and through determination, my family got back on their feet. But I still remember the reassurance this most basic level of help from the government brought to me during that tough time.

Education and Career

In college, I was extremely grateful for student loans, which gave me the opportunity for a quality education, while I worked multiple jobs to cover the balance. I later earned two advanced degrees, including a doctorate, focusing on Industrial and Organizational Research. For the past 20 years, I have worked to make government agencies more effective. Through my professional work, I have learned the importance of making sound decisions to improve public initiatives while maintaining efficient use of government resources. Over my career, I have led projects with organizations such as the Texas Governor’s office, the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Workforce Commission, The Texas Department of Family Services, the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Department of Agriculture, and scores of other state and federal agencies.


I have a beautiful wife of 14 years, Candace, and four sweet children. I have also enjoyed serving as a foster parent and feel blessed to be an adoptive parent, coach for my kids in YMCA sports, and resident of District 5 and the great state of Texas.

My combination of personal, family, and professional experiences have given me a true passion for serving as your State Senator. I look forward to serving the people of this great community and the State of Texas.