Upcoming Debates of the State Senator from Conroe, Texas

Hall is one of three senators to whom Lieutenant. Dan Patrick has supported re-election.

Greg Abbott

named Tassin a member of a state special education committee in December, though he still supported Huffman for re-election. Seliger, former mayor of Amarillo, was the only Republican in the Senate who did not formally support the lieutenant.

Dan Patrick running for re-election in October. A member of the House of Representatives since 2003, Flynn authored last year the bill “American Laws for American Courts”, which the governor signed into law. The measure, he said, combats the invasion of Sharia law in the Texas judicial system. Timmerman served on two state boards as appointed by the former governor.

Flores, who works for the Round Rock Area Serving Center, a food bank and a thrift store, has the support of the two outgoing state representatives.

Greg Abbott

has supported Fails, who didn't respond to an interview request. The Fulton campaign has received the support of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, along with conservative groups such as Empower Texans and Texas Right to Life.

Greg Abbott

has supported Dokupil and has invested heavily in ads to boost his campaign.

Senate committee hearings and other Capitol events are posted on this page shortly after their announcement and are removed at the end of the day. We invite you to revisit this page frequently for the most recent version. For links to individual Senate committee websites, visit the Senate Committee portal. Would college sports be affected by a Senate proposal to dismantle diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education? Narvaiz, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee of the Texas Republican Party, describes herself as a politically incorrect and tough conservative activist.

He was the only Democrat backed by the Texas State Rifle Association, which gave Guillén an A+ rating. In a busy primary season, the Texas House of Representatives and Senate elections have attracted the most attention this year, with more than a dozen vacant seats that have attracted several candidates and incumbents on the ballot in the hope of scaring away the energetic contenders. Simpson has made his opposition to the manipulation of electoral districts and his support for Texas to put a non-partisan panel in charge of redistricting key to his platform. Stanart is the wife of Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart and is a member of the Senate Republican Executive Committee of the Texas Republican Party.

Despite concerns about state legislation on transgender people and abortions, Texas recently hosted the Men's and Women's Basketball Final Four championships in Houston and Dallas, respectively.

Greg Abbott's

office told Texas public agencies that DEI is illegal, the University System of Texas banned diversity statements as a requirement for job applicants, and the University of Texas System announced a pause in new DEI policies. Cornyn tried to call Hegar too liberal from the start in an attempt to link her to the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, while she attacked an 18-year record that, according to her, has yielded no results. Cornyn, who has been in the Senate since 2002 and is seeking a fourth term, faces an unusual fight in rapidly changing Texas, where changing suburbs and a booming population have increased the chances that Democrats will overthrow him.

The Senate voted 19-12, along party lines, to pass a bill on Wednesday that would prohibit universities and public colleges from having offices in the DEI; using race or ethnicity in hiring; requiring job applicants to make statements about diversity; or requiring any type of training related to race, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation. NCAA diversity and rules experts said Texas college football is likely safe for now because the organization is in a weakened position and wouldn't go so far as to eliminate the state's highly lucrative top-tier sports programs from its ranks. Political history, money, and actors in this race suggest that it will be the most competitive senate primary of this cycle in which an incumbent Republican participates. The debate in Austin offered him the biggest stage to date after Cornyn and getting a boost with early voting in Texas starting Tuesday.

Royce West, Borris Miles and José Menéndez stated that they are concerned that if this bill becomes law universities in Texas will not meet the NCAA eligibility requirements. The question remains: Does the state senator from Conroe, Texas have any upcoming debates scheduled with other candidates or legislators? As far as we know there are no upcoming debates scheduled yet between Senator Hall from Conroe and other candidates or legislators but we invite you to revisit this page frequently for any updates.