Does the State Senator from Conroe, Texas Have Any Upcoming Public Appearances Scheduled?

Are you curious to know if the state senator from Conroe, Texas has any upcoming public appearances scheduled? If so, you've come to the right place. The Texas State Legislature, of which the Senate is a part, is established by Article III of the Texas Constitution and meets every decade to draw boundaries for state legislative districts and congressional districts. The legislative authority and responsibilities of the Texas Senate include passing bills on public policy issues, setting levels for state spending, raising and reducing taxes, and voting to maintain or override governmental vetoes. The Texas House of Representatives was due to introduce bills in the committee phase before midnight on Saturday.

However, they chose not to meet this weekend, meaning that untold numbers of bills can no longer be considered. This free weekend for state representatives also prevented the passage of an essential school funding bill that was needed to balance the budget. Texas state senators serve 2- to 4-year terms, while senators serve one two-year term and two four-year terms every decade. During this session, the Senate is considering a House version of a bill that reflects Senate Bill 2, which passed this weekend.

Senator John Whitmire from Houston expressed his concern that this bill would harm Asian-American communities in Texas by “endangering them because of racists”. Senate Bill 1601 would have banned libraries from receiving public money the year following any event where transvestite artists read to children. A watered-down version of Senate Bill 147, which originally intended to prohibit the sale of land to citizens of China and other countries, expired after failing to obtain a vote in the House State Affairs Committee. Kika De La Garza, SHSU summer graduation speaker fellow, announced that four SHSU research teams received the first grants from the BRIDGE program. The SHSU partnership with HISD Special Education provides a unique experience for students who bring VRC stories to life.

They were honored by their decade-long partnership with Agricultural Mechanics students who ranked first at the National Conference of Judges. Grant funding was also provided to support SHSU HSI initiatives and Professor Deborah Popham was named SHSU administrative professor for counselor year. The College of Honors Education announced that the Department of Computer Science awarded grants for scholarships and the SHSU psychology program meets the needs of a growing industry. The SHSU also won the LinkedIn academic award and grant funding allowed for the creation of a medical humanities study association to improve their program of study. Professor Helps Sequence DNA of an Extinct Giant Gecko and The SHSU Center Launched a Pilot Podcast Program on School Safety. Offers greater access to resources from journals that investigate the economic impact of bats and The SHSU Announces a New Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Donations.

Newsrooms across the country and in Texas are cutting their coverage, leaving communities with less access to reliable news. If there is a vacancy in the Texas State Legislature, the governor must call a special election to fill the vacant seat. To stay up-to-date on any upcoming public appearances scheduled by your state senator from Conroe, Texas, be sure to check out official Senate hearings and events archived online. The Texas Senate also has an assisted listening system available to the public in the courtrooms of the Senate and senate committees.