What Committees Does the State Senator for Conroe, Texas Serve On?

Creighton, the state senator for Conroe, Texas, is renowned for his leadership of the Criminal Justice Committee in the Senate. He has also been appointed as chairman of the Federalism Committees of the House of Representatives, which are responsible for monitoring the state's relationship with the federal government and guaranteeing that of Texas. During his time at the University of Texas, Creighton worked as a Senate messenger and was the first to occupy this position. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dade Phelan (Republican for Beaumont), has been met with criticism from conservative Republicans who are against ceding the chairmanship of any committee to the minority party.

Nevertheless, Senator Huffman will chair the Senate Special Redistricting Committee and the Senate Committee on State Affairs. These committees will play a significant role in deciding matters across the spectrum this session. During his time in the Texas House of Representatives during the 80th Legislative Session, Creighton was named Vice President of General Research and Ethics, Vice President of Means and Ways of Local Government, Natural Resources, and State Water Finance. He was also a candidate for District 16 of the Texas House of Representatives in 2002. Senator Creighton has been a strong proponent for stricter ethics laws at both state and local levels throughout his career.

As part of Monday's committee announcements, Huffman was officially named chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, which is responsible for overseeing and directing legislation related to how the state collects taxes and how the resulting revenues will be spent.