How to Contact Your State Senator in Conroe, Texas

Are you looking for ways to get in touch with your state senator in Conroe, Texas? You can find the contact information for your representative in the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate online. The addresses of district offices are available on the websites of senators and members of the Texas House of Representatives, as well as on the list of top Texas elected officials from the Legislative Reference Library. You can also find the phone numbers of your legislature's Capitol and District Offices by searching Who Represents Me? Online from the Texas Legislature.Each office handles email individually, so there is no official email directory for legislators or legislative staff. However, you can find email options on the websites of senators and members of the Texas House of Representatives.

The Texas House of Representatives is the lower house of the bicameral legislature of Texas and is comprised of 150 members who are elected from single-member districts for two-year terms. The House meets at the Austin State Capitol and is presided over by the Speaker of the House, who is also the highest-ranking member.The Speaker's functions include maintaining order in the House, recognizing members during debate, deciding on procedural issues, appointing members to various committees, and sending bills for review by committees. The office of president pro tempore is first and foremost a protocol act, but according to a long tradition, he presides over the House during consideration of local and approval bills. Unlike other state legislatures, the House of Representatives rules do not formally recognize majority or minority leaders.The Speaker's administrative functions include control of the House Hall, appointment of president, vice president, and members to each standing committee, appointment of all conference committees, direction to committees to carry out interim studies, keeping a record of all authors who sign laws, maintaining and distributing information about members to current members, sending copies of legislation to chairs of House committees, keeping a record of all progress on a document, certifying all court orders, briefs, and subpoenas, receiving and archiving all documents received by the House, maintaining electronic information and document calendar.

When there is a significant update to the electronically sourced website, the Principal Secretary is also responsible for notifying members via email.If you are writing to a legislature as pro tempore president of the Senate or as chairman of a committee or subcommittee, include that title in both your envelope and greeting. Incumbent Brandon Creighton will face challenger Misty Bishop for District 4 seat in the Texas Senate next November.